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Welcome To Progressive Pipe

Progressive Pipe is a full-service industrial, environmental, and residential contractor providing innovative solutions for the oil, natural gas, petrochemical, manufacturing and water/wastewater industries. Our primary expertise is trenchless (i.e., no digging or extensive excavation) technologies to restore aging, damaged or leaking underground infrastructure, including pipelines, tanks, ducts, conduits and sewers. We use cutting-edge technology to bring cost-effective results while meeting clients’ budget needs. PPM remains the only licensee in the United States for the Starline cured-in-place-lining (CIPL) technology for rehabilitating pressure pipelines, including natural gas, petrochemical, water and sewer pipe. This new, revolutionary trenchless technology employs an efficient ultra-violet (UV) curing process for water/wastewater pipelines from 6” to 48” in diameter and in any shape. CIPL technology saves our clients the cost, time, disruption, and environmental issues that accompany excavation and replacement.

PPM can design, develop and test new technology, such as custom robotics, as a project demands. Quality work requires more than a cookie-cutter approach, especially for complex projects and in emergency circumstances. Our service relies on a tailored approach to each client’s unique situation and budget.

PPM’s management team collectively brings decades of experience across multiple industries. Learn more about us below.

Management Team

David L Wickersham
David L WickershamPresident and CEO
As the founder of Progressive Pipeline Management, David Wickersham brings twenty-five years of experience both in the field and in management. During his years with major utility and petrochemical companies, Dave occupied operational and managerial positions to oversee robotics development and performance as well as pipeline inspection, cleaning and repair.

David’s field experience pushes him to find increasingly better solutions in pipeline work and in financial administration. Not only does PPM employ patented, cutting-edge technology, but Dave himself has designed cleaning and decontamination technologies for internal pipeline surfaces. His decade of profit and loss management translates into PPM’s excellence in cost control, budget analysis, and customer pricing.

David’s commitment to using efficient, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly technologies with minimal disruption is rooted in his knowledge base. In addition to his command of current regulations governing pipeline operations (e.g., Department of Transportation, Office of Pipeline Safety, and Department of Energy, among others), David’s academic background at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and his tours as an Operation Desert Storm veteran inform his approach to each project at PPM.

Mario J. Carbone
Mario J. CarboneExecutive Vice President
Mario Carbone’s ingenuity and perseverance define his leadership as Executive Vice President. Of his forty-two years in the gas pipeline industry, Mario spent thirty-two years in design, maintenance and construction with Brooklyn Union Gas/KeySpan Energy and ten years as the senior manager for gas research and development with KeySpan Energy.

His extensive knowledge ranges from the lab to the work site: not only is Mario trained and certified on the application of Starline CIPL, he holds three gas pipeline industry patents for new technologies in gas pipeline purging, live gas polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) pipeline sampling, and live service pipeline transfer without interruption. In addition to his expertise in managing field operations and in overseeing purging practices, Mario is versed in current regulations for corrosion and pipeline environmental procedures. As a respected authority on innovative trenchless techniques, Mario has speaking and writing engagements to share his knowledge within the industry.

Mario’s decades of experience enable PPM to design, develop and test completely new, custom technologies and robotics on demand for a project while complying with all required industry standards. His inventiveness in the face of adversity enabled PPM to win the 2011 Trenchless Technology Project of the Year for the rehabilitation of a leaking high-pressure main that was over a hundred years old.

Shaun G. Albert
Shaun G. AlbertVice President of Operations
Our Vice President of Operations, Shaun Albert, relies on both academic training and hands-on management experience to oversee more than $120,000,000 in projects for PPM customers. At the University of Massachusetts (Amherst), Shaun completed a civil engineering curriculum before entering the construction and pipeline industries.

Shaun brings insights to field operations and financial management from fifteen years of experience in construction, demolition and heavy equipment operation. In addition, his thirteen years of experience as a project manager for design/build projects inform his decisions for cost control, budget projections, and workforce requirements.

As a certified environmental trainer, Shaun is also a lead instructor for U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification programs.


David S. Coates
David S. CoatesOperations Manager
David is responsible for cost control for equipment operations and maintenance, as well as serving as the head trainer on all company equipment.

David’s years working for Clean Harbors and supervising crews in the field have given him a wealth of experience, and his mechanical mind keeps the PPM Fleet running smoothly and safely.

Christopher R. Hein
Christopher R. HeinChief Financial Officer
Christopher brings over a decade of experience in financial administration, including business accounting, auditing, and process control. After earning his degree in economics at the University of Southern California, Christopher undertook challenging projects that tested the limits of his abilities: for example, he successfully managed a $30,000,000 portfolio of distressed debt, operating companies, and real estate.

In addition, Christopher’s expertise includes modeling discounted cash flows, evaluating the internal rate of return for new investments as well as pricing derivatives. His range of expertise – including his experience with higher risk investments and real estate construction and management – inform his daily financial decision-making at PPM.

Tom Nestoras
Tom NestorasGeneral Manager

For the past decade, our General Manager, Thomas Nestoras, has been specializing in innovative infrastructure renewal.  Through his experience, which includes the in-field reconditioning of over 300,000LF of piping, Tom has developed an extensive knowledge of all phases of construction site management. His career in construction started from the ground up, giving him a unique perspective on the many facets of project management and diverse equipment used to recondition pipelines.  From “Job Walk” assessments of projects to handing the finished product back to the client, Thomas continually looks for the most effective process to get projects completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  Thomas has also taken part in many of the R&D projects at PPM, which involved new technologies and installation processes.